Ten thousand steps forward

In keeping with my new “take care of myself so I can be healthy” mantra, I have been taking daily walks.  The distance of the walks vary from not so far to pretty darned far depending on weather and health.  Last week I logged two days in a row with over 10,000 steps!  That’s a whole lot of walking.

This weekend, I logged 5000 steps total.  BC caught the virus du jour.  He is fine now but when he is sick he is a two-parent handfull.  It is probably a good thing I couldn’t walk because my feet and legs have been aching.  I needed the rest, I think.

Anyway, my goal today is to get more than 5000 step but less than 20000 steps. Heh!

I did work on my experimental knit tank top this weekend.  I had barely enough yarn to finish the front and back… with some expedient neck shaping that is.  I will work on it some more today, I hope.

I haven’t done any sewing since I finished the tutorial bag (and the bag is not officially done until I anchor down the bottom insert and sew on the button closure).

I have a short list of things that I need to make:

1.  A dog carrier.  Micro dogs do not have the legs to walk 5 miles but they have the cutes to convince you that you must take them with you on this walk.  So you end up carrying the micro dog the last 4 miles… wishing you had a dog carrier.   When it has been available, I have put her in BC’s jogger, which just for the record, is both funny and embarrassing… but it works.

2.  Couch cover.  I am not under the illusion that a couch cover will keep the furniture clean.  I want a front line of defense for when small, muddy children jump on the couch with their muddy sandals.  Also, it may protect the couch from random non-toxic markers and lots of cat hair.  The micro dog doesn’t shed (say “poodle”) so she isn’t a concern unless she runs through the same mud that the kids are wallowing in.  Chances are she has.

3.  Ummmm… there was something else but it slipped my mind.  I’m sure it will come back to me in the middle of the night after which I will immediately forget it again.   I know, I know… I should put a notebook next to the bed.  But my bedside table is full and I’m too groggy to write intelligibly in the middle of the night without a light, and I’m not turning on the light.  I’ve tried it and the next morning discovered I had written some brilliant chicken scratch!

Have a great Monday, and try to take a few extra steps today!


4 thoughts on “Ten thousand steps forward

  1. okay, now you made me feel guilty for not walking…
    i have a running track (?) half a block from home. people all over town come to this track to do power walks and such, and i live half a block away and don’t use. i already feel guilty everytime i go past it (read at least once a day) and now you’ve just added to it. thanks.
    but seriously, walking in circles is so boring. maybe i should walk around town – scratch that! this town is full of hills and such. no way i’m doing that! so i guess its circle walking for me!

  2. 10,000 steps is hard to do. I think the only time I acheive it is if I go to Cardiff City Centre, and have a whole day non stop shopping. It’s amazing how many steps you can do in a days window shopping !

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