Hot dog

I bought more yarn for the experimental tank top. I couldn’t find a darker solid color that worked so I bought more of the same yarn. Finishing to commence soon.

I also have new fabric!  I have a couple of bags in the queue that should be done before I start anything new. Not that having other projects already started ever stopped me from starting another!  I have plans for this new fabric but we will see if that is actually what I use it for.  Sometimes the fabric tells me to do something different at the last minute.  Yarn does the same thing… it speaks when you least expect it.  Which is fine… fiber knows best.

For lack of crafty pics, here is a picture of my hot dog:


Don’t worry, I cut all her fur off so she can survive the heat here. She’s feeling much better.


6 thoughts on “Hot dog

  1. Ma kids are bothering me to get a dog! They think it is an easy job! How to explain them that I can’t take proper care of them, not to talk about dog!

    BTW: please shoe some craft of yours soon! I am becoming impatient!

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