Do you read gibberish?

This is what I have to go by to figure out the experimental tank top pattern.

The pattern is half written… the front half, haha. The back is going to take longer since I have to count rows and stitches… because that gibberish is not on the front or the back of the napkin.

(The napkin is joke, by the way… it isn’t accurate. It is a joke on me since I have to figure out what I did to write the pattern.)

Just so you know why I haven’t been posting much, I am taking a short writing-knitting-sewing-typing break. My hands hurt like the dickens.

I have no idea what “the dickens” is but I like saying it.

I’ll be back soon!


7 thoughts on “Gibberish-ese

  1. So much care into a joke-napkin-pattern-thing! I hope it didn’t hurt your hand too much although I for one appreciate the effort. It made me chuckle. See you soon after your hand-rest!

  2. Nothing like a blogging break to get the creative juices flowing. The weather is so awful at the moment, it’s definately curl up with a book time anyhow – love Julia x

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