Weird things***

Daily Stitches tagged me for 8 weird things. The problem with this meme is going to be keeping the number down to 8.

1. I’m afraid of mirrors at night. I give you the best first.

2. I’ve always taken fairly good care of my feet but I neglect my hands. And yet, me feet don’t look that great.

3. My little toes sit sideways. When I curl my toes, I can get my left little toe to sit on top of its neighbor (I can see the look of “yick” on your faces!).

4. I don’t like to see food in the kitchen sink… it grosses me right out. I won’t wash dishes until MC gets the food out.

5. I usually eat so that food doesn’t touch my lips. It is a sensation thing.

6. I’m not a dog person but I love my dog.

7. I will break my back trying to do something I shouldn’t do before I will pay someone to do it for me.

8. I’m an introvert but I like being the center of attention (like when I teach).

It’s a fairly tame list to be sure, I don’t want to send you all away screaming. Haha!

Consider yourself tagged if this meme appeals to you… I love hearing what people think is weird to others.

***Ha!  I should pay more attention.  It was supposed to be “random” things, not “weird” things.  It is pretty much the same list so I’m not changing it.


9 thoughts on “Weird things***

  1. That’s funny that you got them confused. I was just thinking about my hands. I take much better care of them than my feet. I was even thinking about doing a post about my hands – hee hee. Anyway, I don’t look at mirrors at night either.

    I’m glad your hands are doing better!

  2. My little toes sit sideways too!!!!!

    And I take care of neither hands nor feet, they both have a peasant look to them. I have never paid for a manicure or pedicure. If I can find that much time in my day or evening, I’m probably going to knit, not go to a nail salon.

  3. Bloody Mary, right? Admit it. 😉 I think everyone who was ever a girl at a slumber party is afraid of mirrors at night. I still don’t look directly at them.

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