The return of chaos

Huh! It has been a while since my last post. And the break was totally unintentional, I will enumerate my excuses…

1) Turbo allergies… my allergy meds suddenly weren’t cutting it. I barely had the energy to sit up so posting wasn’t going to happen.

2) I decided that since my meds weren’t working, I would stop taking them because they make me drowsy. Ha! That was a bad, bad mistake. Two days later and I was way worse. Pseudophedrine and allergy meds to the rescue!

3) My mother came for a week long visit… enough said.

4) My son then got sick and I had one of the worst migraines since before I got pregnant. I wanted to go to the ER because my meds didn’t work (hmmm… I am seeing a theme here). Unfortunately, my son had a screamingly sore throat at the same time (try that with a migraine, I dare you!)… I couldn’t drive myself and there was no way I was getting in the car with the screaming banshee.

5) My dr disappeared. I talked to her receptionist one Monday about a referral. Come Friday I hadn’t received it yet so I called again… the number was disconnected. Monday she was still disconnected… so I said “bleep bleep bleepity bleep!”

6) I made an appointment with an ENT without the referral… because sometimes they will do that for patients whose doctors disappear into thin air. But he is a specialist, and the appointment is still in the advanced future.

7) I found another doctor but that appointment is also in the future (but not as advanced). She comes highly recommended which is good because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see past the hefty first visit charge (she is out of network).

8) My 4-year old has been replaced with a pod boy. Oh my gawd! Send help!!!

Enough excuses. On to the things that really count… craftiness.

I made covers for this chair’s cushions (and one other matching chair). It looks crumply because I haven’t sewn the fourth side, and I think it needs more stuffing.


I have two cafe chairs that needed new seat covers… hot red! Love it.

cafe chair

And I sewed up these blocks for a couch throw. Each and every block is wrong… and I double checked the pattern before I sewed them. Ding dang darn! I might resew them, but I have to put them aside so the frustration factor diminishes.

quilt blocks

I rearranged the play area. Once upon a time, this was my dining room. I pulled the shelves out of the nursery because they weren’t being used effectively. Now my son likes this area.

play area

My almost sister-in-law brought yarn spun up from her dogs’ hair. She wants me to knit up flowers with them. These skeins are all poodle hair… they turned out pretty nice.

dog hair

I’ll be around more now but I’m still having problems with my allergies (and the pod boy). Thanks for all the nice notes about my well being!!!


14 thoughts on “The return of chaos

  1. I started getting allergy shots this season because my meds just weren’t cutting it. If I stopped taking my meds, I would get a migraine, too. This season just seems to be particularly bad in the allergy department!

    I say the more stuffing the better. There’s nothing like squishy understuffed pillows – I have 2 of them in my living room. :o(

    Poodle hair yarn? That’s pretty cool.

    Glad you’re back. I was wondering what was going on. :o)

  2. I’m so glad you posted- I was about to send out the search and rescue! Hope your allergies, headaches, and other physical annoyances are straightened out soon. You’ve gotten a lot of crafting done all the same. Poodle fur flowers – I bet that’s a first!

  3. You got me worried, Cathy! Don’t you ever do it again!
    SOrry to hear about all those problems, but you, honey, you really know how to handle all! Let me kiss you, hug you … well, I am so damn you are back!

  4. Hello there! Sounds like you’ve had a lot going on…Hope you’re feeling better! Love your cushion & seat covers! Have you worked with the dog hair yarn before, what’s it like? It looks soft and nice to work with. Cute play room! You have a lovely, lively blog…Happy Days! :o)

  5. Poodle fur yarn… that’s different! I remember seeing years ago on tv about a lady who had a golden retriever. She loved her so much she combed her and saved the fur to spin. She said that way she’d always have something of her around when she was gone.

    My oldest son’s pediatrician flew the coop. No notice that he wasn’t coming back (or that he was even leaving for a bit!), find another one. I ended up getting him into someone else, but it’s disappointing since the first one dealt with him since he was four.

    Maybe it’s a thing right now about four year old boys… I think mine is a Pod Boy, too!

  6. I@ve been so allergic the past week or too as well, but I’m holding out.

    Thankfully in the UK you can have an emergency appointment at your doctors surgery that day, if you feel awful. Granted a normal doctors appointment will take longer, and no charges as we pay tax to cover all that stuff, and if your not working your just granted it. In fact what ever your circumstances you can just go into your doctors and get an appointment. The NHS (National Health Service) is one of the great things about living in the UK. Everyones and equal and everyone treated the same when it comes to health.

    Is that really dog hair, I’ve never heard of anything like it !!! Hee Hee

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