Here I am!

Yes, the allergies have taken over my life. I have either been really sick with allergies (lethargy and dizziness) or I’ve had migraines. Both ways suck. If you don’t want to read about it, scroll down to the pictures of my latest project.

I just saw the ENT specialist today. He concurs that I have allergies. Heh, thanks, doc!

Actually, he was very nice and wants to screen my allergies before prescribing more, or different, drugs than I have now. The next step is 2 hours of skin pricks to see what I react to. Woohoo! Fun!

Oh, and he wants me to start saline rinses… through the nose snorting saline water rinses… I don’t think that is going to happen, and I told him as much. I may seem like an uncooperative patient but at least I’m an honest one. Why won’t it happen? Let’s just say my face is very sensitive… I’m the one that holds her nose when she jumps in the water, and I almost never put my face underwater. Why? Because I don’t like water in my nose, eyes, or ears. Cannot stand it. But, since I’m a big girl, I’m going to try to psych myself up to the saline rinses… it just isn’t going to happen overnight though.

Oh, and my new regular doctor is convinced that my endocrine system (aka hormones) is out of whack. More tests! Blood tests. Have I told you about me and blood tests? No? Let me tell you now… I don’t do well with blood tests. I have small, roly poly veins that your average phlebotomist (the person that sticks that huge needle in your arm) cannot seem to hit without digging around. I have a “one chance” policy with blood tests. If they can’t hit the vein the first time, someone else has to come in… usually the head phlebotomist. I forgot to mention this rule the last time I had a blood test. The result was that the woman missed and started digging around in my arm. I nearly passed out. See? It is bad. I know it’s psychosomatic (all in my head) but knowing doesn’t change the effect. Also, my son was with me that last time and he was terrified when I started flaking out. Doubly bad.

Anyways (oh, shut up! I wrote that for the peedants out there… like my sweet hubby who cringes when I use the bad grammar), it isn’t all bad. I have orders for bags. One of them is a new shape (new to me, is there anything truly “new” in the bag world?). I made a mock up to get a feel for the cutting and sewing requirements before I cut the fabric my client chose. It’s still not done but have a looksy:

Purse front

Purse back

I didn’t quite get the pattern right the first time (that’s why I do mock ups) so there is some gapping on either side of the flap. The handles will be attached on the sides of the purse for over the shoulder wear… this client likes a long handle. I think a long handle will look ok but a short one would look better. This fabric was kind of blah so I used fleece interfacing and sewed along the stripes to give it more texture.

I will probably put a magnetic snap on flap. I’m not sure if my client wants the flap or no flap and a zipper.


11 thoughts on “Here I am!

  1. Despite all the uncomfortable and annoying tests and treatments you have to undergo, it sounds like your current doctors are listening to you and heading on the right track to pinpoint what is going on. Hopefully you will soon be feeling wonderful!
    I love the shape of the bag. I avoid purses with magnetic snaps though. After having a couple of ATM cards deactivate, a bank employee told me that the cause was probably the magnetic snap in my purse. Since then I’ve only gotten bags without them and have never had that problem again.

  2. allergies can make you miserable. if you can’t do the full saline rinse, which i totally understand, try the saline mist that you squirt in you nose. it is a very fine mist, but can really help. my boys and i have terrible allergies. during the worst times of the year, we use saline mist twice a day and it makes a difference.

    even tho it sounds overwhelming, do what you allergist suggests in terms of changing your environment. we were lucky enough to build a new house a few years ago. our allergist had some great recommendations. our allergy symptoms reduced dramatically when we moved in. at first my dh thought all the changes were a bit overkill, but he has seen how much healthier we are as a result.

    good luck!


  3. when i had the back pin prick down, my whole back was a huge blister. geesh, you think i’m allergic?

    my allergist said i could go on allergy shots, but i’d have to get two a week because i’m so allergic! and i’m twice the “legal” highest dose of allergra. yeah, i rock the allergies.

    oh! and i’m the same freaking way with the blood tests. i always tell them they have to use an infant butterfly needle. i don’t care if it takes ten minutes to get my blood, they are not allowed to dig around and smoosh the needle around in there. gah.

  4. Hi Cathy, Allergies stink, don’t they? I got the whole kit to do the nasal irrigation thing and did it once. That night, I got a migraine so I’ll never do that again. I do buy this thing called Simply Saline at WalMart where it goes up and comes out the same nostril (none of that “I’m almost drowning feeling” of the nasal irrigation stuff). It works really well for me (better than the squeezy misters). I use it right before I used my allergy nasal spray and whenever I come back in from outside. And you know what? When I started getting my allergies taken care of, my # of migraines went down as well. The allergy test wasn’t too bad. Itchy, for sure, but not too bad. Make sure you get some Benadryl cream for after you get home. :o) You and I have the same afflictions…bleh.

  5. My sister has an awful time with allergies, and she does do the saline rinses…She was very reluctant at first, but got used to it, and says they do offer relief…So something to think about…Hope you do find some relief one way of another with your allergies…Glad though that you’re doing some crafting! Love the bag! Nice design and fun fabric. If you have snap closure, maybe a zip won’t be necessary! Happy Days! :o)

  6. My Mom was fighting allergies for years and doctors still can’t exactly say what is wrong with her! But now she has it somehow under controll!

    Glad to see something you made – finally!!!!!!!

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  8. What a coincidence – I just bought a neti pot which is like a little pot with a spout you use to pour salted water up one nostril and down the other. It was slightly uncomfortable the first few times, but it’s getting better and helping. I’m glad to read the other comments on the saline mists and think I’ll check those out, too.

    I only started having allergy problems two years ago and it can be awful so I feel your pain Cathy!

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