Magic beans

How many beans does it take to fill a lock box?

We will never really know the answer since that one door keeps opening up. It keeps spilling the beans. Haha!
My son loves beans. He loves to eat them. He loves to play with them. He does not love the picking up of the beans though.

How long does it take to put all the beans back into the proper bucket?

I don’t know because by the time we get most of the beans back to their home, BC finds a way to get more out. It is the battle of the bean that I can’t win. If I did win, I could clean that carpet.

I don’t really mind the beans… but they do represent the current condition of my house. If I could get all the little things picked up, put away, or thrown out, I might have a cleaner house. Ah, to dream the big dream!

Craftiness has taken a backseat at Chez Caboodle this week (is it obvious?). I am painting my kitchen… which means I had to move all the furniture, move all the appliances, strip the wallpaper, wash the walls, take down the blinds, take down the closet door, tape the walls, prime the walls, and, finally, paint the walls.

A week later, I have half the room painted. Now I understand why smart people pay other people to do this work! I will post before and after pictures after I put the blinds back up. I can’t get a decent picture without them.

I have also been doing the doctor rounds again. I’ve seen the allergist so many times we are almost bosom buddies (if he had a bosom, that is). So far, we have found I’m moderately allergic to some trees, some grasses, some molds, and mosquitoes.

I found being allergic to mosquitoes amusing. Most people look at me strange for being bothered by their bites… seriously, I should copyright my bug dance. “They bite me all the time… it doesn’t bother me”, they all say that! Apparently, most people are not bothered much by the time they are adults… I’m special. Love me, love my stinky deet.

By the way, that allergy extends to no-see-ums and deer flies. The bug dance extends to them too… especially the deer flies. No, that’s not right, I run when the deer flies bite. I do the bug dance for them after I get back in the house.


3 thoughts on “Magic beans

  1. Hah! Spilling the beans. If I had the money I would pay other people to do all the dirty work too.
    Florida is not the best place to live for someone with a mosquito allergy! Though it seems they are all over the US.
    I should be sending out your contest goodies today.

  2. Oh my! I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone else who has a mosquito allergy other than me! I can totally understand the “oh they bite me all the time, you are strange comments” 🙂 I get those all the time too!

  3. My son Josh loves to play with rice. I have rice in a bowl that I keep covered, but it’s such a mess to clean he doesn’t get to play very often.

    I started painting the house a couple of years ago. I was doing great for a few weeks and got about half of it painted. Then I lost steam and we hired someone to finish it. They did half the house in 6 hours. It was humbling! But only getting to paint between 9pm and midnight was really getting to me. I hope you get your room done soon!

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