Paying it forward…

I was doing my usual summertime blog hopping (I hear it’s called blopping) yesterday and came across Daily Stitche‘s Pay It Forward offer.  I hesitated joining because I get so tired but a year is plenty of time to fulfill an obligation!

Here’s the deal:  I want to pay it forward and thank my community of bloggers with a handmade item.  I have a year to make and send these items.   I’m not closing the offer until next Wednesday (July 25th), and I’m not limiting it to 3 people.  Your only obligation is to pay it forward again to 3 more people.  All you have to do is leave a comment and make the commitment on your blog.

Come on and join in.


5 thoughts on “Paying it forward…

  1. Hi! Am I among the lucky few to receive a fabulous creation of yours?! The funny thing is I just did a PIF at my blog two days ago! (I’m sending out the packaged next week!) It’s been such fun! I hope many will join in! Happy Day! :o)

  2. i’m in as well. thanks for letting us know of this, it sounds great… do i get a special gift? oh, thanks… ok, no goofing now…
    it’s up on my blog, so blop on over and we’ll talk…

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  4. Ms. Caboodle, please email me your real name and address at


    thanks–apologies if you sent it already, I am a little crazed with work these days.

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