Lucky 13!

I was very lucky on Friday the 13th! I won a contest at Kristen’s Audioknits. I was her 1313th commenter on the 13th.

She really spoiled me too. Look!

Yarn! Pretty, pretty yarn. Buttons! Ultracool buttons. Cards! Cute pattern cards for all my knitterly writing. Bag patterns! Because you know I love making bags. Fabric! That’s it in the background. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Now, what’s missing?

Coffee syrup! A Rhode Island treat. It’s not in the picture, it’s in the fridge. (There is no way, I’m taking a picture of anything in my fridge.) We all tried it here at Chez Caboodle and we all agreed it was yummy. Mmmmm…. coffee syrup.

Thank you, Kristen! I loved opening the box and finding all these great gifts.


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