Poodles are coming up roses

The poodle fur yarn has been knit into roses. Poodle fur makes a nice yarn! I was impressed. These roses are keepsakes for my brother’s fiancee. She is a poodle fanatic. She trains them, grooms them, and shows them. She also loves them very much and wanted to be able to remember each one in a special way. I knit them for her because she has been known to turn my flea bitten tasmanian devil into a poodle once in a while.

Pattern: Fur-Get-Me Not Flower from VIP Fibers, Inc.

Needle: No. 6 Crystal Palace bamboo

If you want a furry keepsake of your pet, check out VIP Fibers. They spin fur from just about any animal.


10 thoughts on “Poodles are coming up roses

  1. Cathy, I am so mean, and you may beat me the next time you see me. But I collapsed laughing when I first glanced at the title and picture. The brown roses look like…. something else you get from a poodle! 😀

    I shall call them Poodle Doodles…

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