Beating the heat

Summertime in Florida. You have to love the intense heat, the intense humidity, and the intense sunlight. If you don’t love it, you gotta find a way to relieve the combined effects.

One solution: the clear, cool waters of a spring. The water is crystal clear and 72F year round. That’s icy compared to the air temp!

This is BC at a small spring called Rum Island. It gets pretty crowded even during the week, everyone is trying to beat the heat.


I finally went for my second series of allergy tests. Here’s the list of foods I react to:


The results amused me as much as the last ones where I found I was allergic to mosquitoes. I’m one of the few North Americans allergic to rice but not allergic to wheat. And vanilla? Hello! Vanilla is in everything yummy including my favorite vanilla ice cream and vanilla latte. I’m shaking my head woefully over bananas. Corn on the cob is okay but I can live without it.

These are all mild food allergies. For example, I can eat peanuts and live. Unfortunately, if I do, I will spend the next couple of days in the bathroom. Not a very pleasant trade off for eating what you want especially if you are going to be out in public (I know, that is so much more than you wanted to know!). I stopped eating everything on this list except beef.

Here’s the scoop on beef: I stopped eating it about 11 years ago. In January 2006, I started eating it again as part of a low carb diet I was trying. Two weeks later, I had to stop the diet because I couldn’t tolerate how miserable I felt on low carb. Miraculously (I can say that since I had tried everything else), my nonstop canker sores healed and didn’t come back. I had had 2-3 canker sores at a time since BC was born in 2002. If you get them, you can imagine my relief when I discovered a “cure”. If you don’t get them, I wouldn’t wish them on you (they are like migraines in the mouth).

My doctors are convinced that I have a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Maybe. I tested normal and I take supplements but nothing keeps the canker sores away like beef. Right now, I have 2 (since I decreased the amount of beef I eat). I’m having steak for lunch, and I bet they will be gone by tomorrow.

By the way, since I stopped eating most of the foods on my list, I am much more comfortable and my skin doesn’t itch as much.


7 thoughts on “Beating the heat

  1. It could be that you’re actually allergic to CORN-FED beef. Have you tried free-range / grass-fed?

    Hi, Boy Caboodle!

  2. It must be so hard living with food allergies…I can’t imagine having to live without some of the things on your list there. (Although I’m not a banana person, so that’s easy to give up ;o) But glad you’re doing better now you know what you can can’t have! Your BC is a sweetie! :o)

  3. Beef and canker sores – wow, who knew? I had no idea one could be allergic to vanilla – that would probably be the hardest as it seems like every baked good has it. Or maybe imitation vanilla doesn’t count? This is all so interesting; glad you’re feeling better.

  4. The tough thing will be avoiding those products when they are “hidden” in other foods. Good luck!
    Wish I was splashing with BC, it is Florida-hot here. He looks so cute- is he a redhead?

  5. who knew about beef and canker sores. i might try that when i get the next one. sorry about all of those food allergies. i feel your pain. don’t eat dairy or cheese. you would be surprised just how many items contain cheese let alone dairy products.

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