Feeling knitty

I’m on a knitting streak. It must be the cooler weather… the temps are only in the low 90’s, brrrr! While knitting, it helps to set the a/c at 67F.

A hat to ward off cold ears:

Note the flower pin! (oh, and the hat does have multi-colored heathering but it’s not as brightly colored as this photo… I couldn’t fix it using the technology available to me… which is none but that’s another post) My own pattern… not that I wrote it down which is too bad because most hat patterns don’t fit me.

A camisole to ward off cold #######:

Do you recognize the pattern? It’s an Annie Modesett design, Bias Corset, from the Summer 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. I ran out of the dark blue yarn. I’m on a yarn diet so I didn’t buy more… that and I think it is discontinued which solves that problem anyway.**

A scarf to ward off a chilly neck:

I decreased the number of repeats on Clapotis so that it is a scarf instead of a wrap.  I loved knitting this one as much as the last one I did… those drops really do make it a fun knit!
I have another project on the needles already…


**I’m probably going to rip out the corset… it’s too heavy with the silk/cotton yarn I substituted.  I like the simplicity of the design but if I ever see a pattern with 2×2 rib across the back again, I’m burning it!  Yarn forward, yard back, yarn forward, yarn back… over, and over, and over… you probably get the idea.


I am avoiding sewing.  I am not sure but it could be because my machine is completely buried.  And it could be that my machine has not been fun to sew on this summer… I need a new one.   I wish I could justify buying one, it isn’t in the budget this year.


6 thoughts on “Feeling knitty

  1. A lot of super knits here–you have been busy! Love the colors of the camisole!I saved that pattern too from Interweave, but have not tried it yet. What yarn are you using? Great hat–like the sassy flower pin, gives it that “little extra.” Clever your taking the shawl over to a scarf–love the deep drop stitch sections. I feel your sewing machine pain…I’ve been wanting a new one too, looking around, but what I like is sooo expensive–LOL…Christmas is coming though ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

  2. Wow, you’ve been on a knitting spree! I love everything that you made, but most especially the camisole – how sad that you’re going to rip it, but I do understand why! 2×2 rib is a sheer nightmare, and I’m so with you on the burning-these-patterns thing 😉

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