It’s me

Thanks for the welcome back! It is so nice to know I still have some bloggy friends out there. I really did miss you all.

I took time off to get myself and mine organized and whatever. I stopped blogging and I stopped reading blogs regularly (although I did stop in once in a great while at my regulars’ blogs, I didn’t leave comments). I probably won’t get caught up with all your posts, but I do intend to start making the crafty rounds again to see what you have been doing and to say ‘hi’.

I hear you… “But, Cathy, what did you do?”

Not much. *sigh* Organization is beyond me. I have no problem tearing down a room and putting things in logical places. The problem arises after things are organized. The organization immediately starts unraveling. Pretty soon everything is in chaos again. That is the part I was trying to work on while away. It doesn’t help that I have two humans (male), two cats (each sex), and one dog (female) to run after as well as myself. I’m still working on it.


My boxes are marked “unsure”, “keep”, and “Cathy”. The last means that it’s my stuff and it isn’t where it belongs. There are two more boxes labeled with the male caboodles’ names… MC used his box to mail a gift (he dumped the contents on top of the shelf I was working on here), and BC’s box is already in another part of the room being filled with his ever growing collection of toys. The “unsure” box gets sealed and put in storage for several months. If an item isn’t needed in that time, it goes away (garbage, donation, gift, whatever).  There should be a garbage bag in this line up but I just kept walking to the kitchen garbage to throw things away… and kept getting distracted by other things on the way.

I also started working to organize our budget.  Hahahahaha!  Budget!  Ha!

Weekly menus and homemade foods really help when you have no budge in the budget.

Moving on.

I did some knitting using my stash:

These green slipper socks don’t match. I knit the second toe to be less square.  The pattern is available here, it uses two strands of Wool-Ease yarn.  The pants in this photo are pjs I made two years ago… they are threadbare and need to be replaced.  I actually split them last night.

Another pair of socks, both with square toes (the rounded toe didn’t work out so well). On seeing them the first time, BC informed me, “Your socks don’t match!”. (I ignored the comment but I am pretty sure what I would have said if he were an adult, be warned!) (just kidding)

This is a dog sweater (for my toy poodle, Coffee). It represents 3 dog sweaters that I knit. I don’t have pictures of the other two.  They went to rescue poodles, and they are similar to this one.  Oh, it’s 80F here, hence no doggy model.

Two small throw blankets. I really liked the blue striped one but I gave it to BC because he asked so sweetly if he could have it (and I chose to overlook his previous comment about my socks). I knit a second one to throw on the floor next to my bed… the dog peed on it within 5 minutes. It now resides on my bed (washed!) where it doesn’t serve the purpose for which it was intended (to give my poor feet something soft to land on). Thanks, Coffee!

Oh, stop feeling sorry for the dog! She sleeps on my rug, on my bed, wearing the sweater I knit for her. She lives in luxury. We should all be so spoiled.

I did some crafting, trying to use up my enormous supply of ribbons.

I was going to sell these but I couldn’t get organized. Ha!

I also sewed a little baby dress. I didn’t like the way the instructions said to put it together so it sits hacked apart, waiting for another burst of interest and energy. No picture but please imagine small pieces of fabric laying over my desk lamp. What?  You don’t store projects on your desk lamp?

There were also some other things thrown in there to distract me from the computer: sewing BC’s Halloween costume, throwing a party of BC’s 5th birthday (time is flying!), and a trip to my brother’s for Thanksgiving.  And some other stuff. Busy, busy, busy.

Bottomline?  Staying away from the bloggy world did not help organize things.  I know people that this worked for but it wasn’t for me.  It turns out I can fritter away time doing just about anything!  At least blogging leaves a trail for me to find my thoughts.  I’m back and I’m staying… unless this computer explodes like our last one did.


3 thoughts on “It’s me

  1. You have been a busy girl! I love the stripey blankets.

    I long to be organized too. There is way too much clutter in my house and it depresses me, but I seem to be the only one who notices it.
    Exploding computers – I’ve just been there and could scream.

    I don’t feel sorry for your dog – she’s living the good life.

    Welcome back!

  2. Thank so much for stopping to see me! I’m glad you’re back! And that you are doing better, or working on getting your health and life on track. You have, indeed, been very busy! And such fun to see what you’ve been making in between all the organizing and life changes. You make wonderful creations! Keep up the great work al around! ((HUGS))

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