A gold ornament from our Christmas tree. I made it with cut up, crinkled cellophane and a clear ball.

So far this season, we have broken 3 ornaments. I broke the first one while putting it on the tree. BC broke one when he brushed by the tree. Crazy boy cat swatted one off the tree this morning. I have paper mache ornaments on the bottom of the tree for the cats… he had to really reach to get the glass ornament. Crazy, ornament loving cat!  That’s okay though, my favorite ornaments are made of wood or are much higher up.


2 thoughts on “Gold

  1. Oh cool, you’re blogging again!

    Hi. 🙂 Nice ornament. And I like the blankets you knit. And the socks.

    Ornaments can’t get broken if they never come out of the box. It’s not an ideal solution though.

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