Happy New Year!

Look! It’s Autumn in Florida.

My maple tree shed its leaves this past week.

Last year, the weather was so warm, the maple shed its leave one week and put out new leaves the next. It’s a bit colder this year.

Today the high is going to be in the mid-40’s. Tonight, the lows will be in the teens. If it is that cold here, you all farther north must be completely frozen. Drink lots of hot chocolate and stay warm, ok?

I’m still knitting my way through the Sirdar yarn in my stash. I knit two versions of My So-Called Scarf. I got the idea to do a solid version after seeing the one Sandra knit. I knit the striped scarf after seeing one on Ravelry.

I hope Sandra sees this because I cannot leave comments on her blog… my computer crashes everytime. I’m not sure whether it is my computer, Firefox, or my internet provider. Anyway… Hi, Sandra!

In closing, I want to introduce Organization to Chaos…

In this case, Chaos’s name is Frazzle. She is sitting on the bags I was attempting to keep away from the cats.


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year! Wishing the happiest days in 2008–love, blessings, peace and JOY! Here’s to a creative new year…And it wouldn’t be craft time without one’s cat sitting on one’s work–LOL! Love those scarves, I like the dense pattern. :o)

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