2008 resolutions are in…

1. drink at least 2 quarts of water a day (about 2 liters)

2. switch to green tea or white tea in the afternoon

3. walk, walk, walk

4. walk the dog outside at least once a day

5. take my supplements/vitamins/minerals/meds without fail

6. including the ever yucky cod liver oil (it’s so yucky it has to be a separate resolution)

7. change out of my pj’s everyday… there are limits

8. spend the 15 minutes a day it takes to teach BC to read

9. use the yarn stash

10. use the fabric stash

11. keep simplifying where possible

12. make peace with a budget, any budget

13. find humor… it’s gotta be here somewhere!

14. keep foods allergen free

15. eat foods I enjoy… in moderation

16. eat fewer foods I don’t enjoy

17. give MC and BC my full attention when they talk to me

18. demand MC’s full attention when I talk to him… turnabouts are fair

19. clear out the garden and yard before it gets too hot (I’ve already made headway here)

20. plant something, anything, this year

21. get the house into some kind of presentable shape, and keep it there

22. keep up with the blog

23. keep up with your blogs

24. find joy in everyday, and not so everyday, happenings

25. fewer resolutions!


4 thoughts on “Resolute

  1. Fewer resolutions would be at the top of my list! Don’t drive yourself crazy.
    Remember that you don’t need to drink just water for those proverbial 8 glasses a day; any healthy liquid counts toward a hydrating total. (Not soda.)
    Cod liver oil – tried it once and could NOT gag it down. It is not worth it to me- better ways to stay healthy!

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