Sharks and scarves

Shark jammies… seriously, who would want to change into jeans when you have shark jammies! (I did end up changing out of my pj’s yesterday. I had to buy food. I’m still in them this morning and it’s getting late.) I made the pattern up from an old pair of the world’s most comfy pj’s that were falling apart a couple of years ago. I must remember to add more tush next time…

This is the latest scarf from the Sirdar stash. I knit it lengthwise… ouch. Now I know why I avoid lengthwise knitting, it takes forever and ever to finish a row. And this was a short, 5-year old size.

A better shot of the stripes.

It is a two-sided, broken rib pattern. Basically, you knit two or three rows of 1×1 rib then offset the next two to three rows of 1×1 rib… repeat, repeat, repeat. I still have enough Sirdar yarn for another scarf or a couple of hats but I was getting bored with it. So I started a new scarf last night using the remains of the Noro Cotton Iroha from the sweater Banff. It’s so soft and lovely to hold and cuddle while you knit.

Oh, resolution #2 has been modified. Green tea in the afternoon has been making me green. So it’s either white tea (black if I’m desperate) or nothing. Or water. Water is good.


4 thoughts on “Sharks and scarves

  1. The majority of our guests this Christmas have had to put up with me in my pajama’s on their visits ! I might turn into a recluse and wear them all the time, or possibly I’ll turn eccentric and wear them out to the shops ! ~ love Julia x

  2. You are busy! Great scarf–love the pattern and colors! Green tea is an acquired taste for some…First time I drank it I didn’t like it. But I warmed up to with time and it’s not so bad. The better quality the green tea, the better it tastes. Also loose leaf green tea is much better then that almost powdery stuff in tea bags. Well, that’s my humble opinion anyway ;o) Happy Crafting ((HUGS))

  3. I’d stay in my jammies too if they were as cool as those!

    You could try hot water w/ lemon & honey- I tried that when I had a sore throat and was unsure about tea/ caffeine/ herbs while nursing and now it’s one of my fav drinks. Plus it’ll stave off hunger & snacking for a little while. ::)

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