Never say stash reduction

My stash is steadily growing even as I am trying to shrink it. It’s not my fault, really.

First, I was remiss in posting a big “Thank you!” to Kristen at AudioKnits. I won a contest and she sent me this prize of pretty blue bamboo yarn and scarf book several months ago. (There were some other things but I couldn’t put my fingers on them for this photo.) When Kristen has a contest be sure to enter because she sends the best packages! Thank you, Kristen!

Second, Pyewacket gifted me with sock yarn for Christmas. Considering the difficult times she has been going through, I thought it was the sweetest thing that she thought of me. Thank you, Pyewacket!

Finally, I frogged some old projects. Purple and gray. Time proved that I was not going to use them as knit, so I ripped them out for future projects.

I am done with shrugs. If it is cold enough for a shrug, I am cold enough for an entire sweater. There is no waffling. So I never wore the short purple thing or the gray shrug. I tried to convert the gray shrug into a Tubey but there was too much bagginess in the back. By the way, I love Tubey. One day I may attempt it the entire pattern.


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