Properly aged fiber

I finished the bobbly, cably Frivol and my muse left.

Just like that – poof!

I tried to knit some socks with the nice, new yarn MC bought for me. The first try was too small… the second, too big… it gave me a headache to think about so I put it aside. The yarn probably needs to age in the stash before it can be knit.

I’m still waiting for inspiration. Seriously, a person might be driven to organize her craft area.

No, not that.  I’m going to read a few books.


3 thoughts on “Properly aged fiber

  1. Don’t worry…You’ll get your groove back! Think of this as a break, and a break can be good to get the creative juices going again! Oh, happy belated anniversary to you & Mr. Caboodle! Hope all will be well with the kitties. And that green boble hat is terrific–you are a knitting wonder! Happy Day ((HUGS))

  2. Have you checked behind Treasure Island on the bookshelf for your muse? I find the darndest things back there. (I find them, of course, on *my* bookshelf instead of yours, but still…)

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