Lambkin notes

I didn’t say much about making Lamb when I posted his/her (a little of both according to BC) pictures… too busy being lazy, I think.  The pattern is easy peasy with some caveats.  If you use flannel (or another loose weave fabric), you might want to apply interfacing on the backside.  Lamb’s stitches are pulling out in the most embarrassing places.  Also, if you are hand stitching, make it worth your while and use small, back stitches (or something similar).  Oh, and mark your seam allowance… trust me.  Learn from my exploits or you too will have a misshapen lambkin that is pulling seams and tearing its weave open.  Despite her idiosyncrasies, Lamb is much-loved.


One thought on “Lambkin notes

  1. Lovely lambie! The fabric is so sweet! I recall seeing this one at Pattern Bee. Thanks for the tips…Wouldn’t want a Lamb with her back end popping open! ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

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