Catching up

Oh dear.  I have become one of those bloggers that drops off the face of the internets.  I always promised myself that I wouldn’t do that, and here I am… my apologies to anyone that noticed.

This year has been a little crazy… not as crazy as 2002 mind you, but still crazy.

As a way of catching up, I thought I would review my New Year’s resolutions and see how I’ve done thus far:

1. drink at least 2 quarts of water a day (about 2 liters)

Ohhhh!  I gave myself an easy one to start!  Isn’t that a great way to start resolutions?  Something easy.  I drink 2 to 4 quarts of water a day. I think I can honestly say I have nailed this one!

2. switch to green tea or white tea in the afternoon

I think I did too much celebrating on #1 there.  Green tea didn’t agree with me (something about funky sock odor)… to make up for it, I quit drinking tea in the afternoons.  The idea was to cut down on caffeine in the afternoon so that was good.

3. walk, walk, walk

I started out well but stopped quickly when an old achilles tendon problem popped up.  I limit myself to 15 minutes on the treadmill to give my heels a chance to heal.

4. walk the dog outside at least once a day

Poor, poor dog.  It is a good thing she is small enough to get all her running and exercise done in the house.

5. take my supplements/vitamins/minerals/meds without fail

Done, for the most part.

6. including the ever yucky cod liver oil (it’s so yucky it has to be a separate resolution)

Yucky, yucky CLO.  Yucky, yucky yucky.  It doesn’t matter how many times you take it, it never gets better.  But I’m doing it.

7. change out of my pj’s everyday… there are limits

So far, so good but my shark jammies are showing a good bit of wear from pushing this one to the limit.

8. spend the 15 minutes a day it takes to teach BC to read

Fifteen minutes a day?!  Who was I kidding?  Oh lordy, me!  I sort of switched us to other types of learning because teaching BC to read was becoming stressful for both of us.  He can read some but he chooses not to yet.  I will push reading again soon but at 5yo, I think he has plenty of time to learn.

9. use the yarn stash

Working on it.  If only my dear, dear friends and husband weren’t so sweet and didn’t keep enabling me with wonderful, new yarns, I would get further along.  How I suffer!  Thanks for the yarn, you all!!!!  I wouldn’t change a thing. Anyway, I just started a stash busting throw/shawl thingy.  I might make some progress before some sweet soul gives me more fiber. I hope not.

10. use the fabric stash

Ummmm… yeah, I should do that.  Does anyone want to gift me with a new sewing machine?…..  Hello?…. Anyone?….

11. keep simplifying where possible

Sometimes things aren’t as simple as you might think.  You might think one thing will make your life simpler but in reality it was a complication in disguise.  I’m working on it.  When I have the energy, I’m ruthless.  Other times, I’m not so much ruthless as I am a sentimental pack rat with a housekeeping deficiency.

12. make peace with a budget, any budget

I was actually doing this till the price of everything went through the roof.  All my savings essentially went right back out to pay for increased prices.

13. find humor… it’s gotta be here somewhere!

I did find some humor.  I have it right here… oh wait, where did I put that?…  No, seriously.

Ironically, when I went off antidepressants earlier this year, I found my funny bone had been tucked away at the same time as my cry bone.  You take the bad with the good, I guess.

I don’t want anyone to think I’m advocating kicking meds… I found my own path after much research and testing supplements on myself.  I have found some things that work for me but they aren’t 100%.  Antidepressants are a godsend when you need them.  That’s all I’m saying.

14. keep foods allergen free

I have been pretty good about the foods.  There are some things I never eat.  There are some things I eat occasionally…. all I want to know is what are the secret ingredients in Coca Cola’s “flavorings” that I’m allergic to?  And don’t say it’s the hfcs because I had Coke made with cane sugar and it did the same thing to me as regular Coke.  Just so you know…

15. eat foods I enjoy… in moderation

I can still fit the number of times I’ve had cheesecake on one hand.  I’m not suffering.  Mostly, when I want something “good”, I ask if this is something I really like…. brownies? not so much… caramel? sluuuurrrrppppp!

16. eat fewer foods I don’t enjoy

I’m getting better at saying no.  And I have found ways of informing MC that I’m really serious… mostly the brownie thing.  He is a choco-fanatic… me? not so much.

17. give MC and BC my full attention when they talk to me

I’ve been known to do this.  It would be kind of them if they would do the same for me.

18. demand MC’s full attention when I talk to him… turnabouts are fair

Ummmm… yeah, see #17.

19. clear out the garden and yard before it gets too hot (I’ve already made headway here)

I didn’t get as far as I wanted but BC and I did plant a small garden.  We also put flowers in some of my planters.  I have about 5 more years of neglect to make up for and the garden/yard will be pretty again.

20. plant something, anything, this year

Done.  Already ate our first tomato and two sugar snap peas (that would be 2 more than I thought we would get).  I’m expecting the zinnias to bloom any minute now.

21. get the house into some kind of presentable shape, and keep it there

You know this is one of those moving targets.  I get things organized and cleaned up… then BAM! the mess fairies tear it asunder.  (Cool… I used the word “asunder”.  Hehe!)

22. keep up with the blog

**ahem** **cough** **sputter**  Oops. **sputter** **mumble, mumble**

23. keep up with your blogs


24. find joy in everyday, and not so everyday, happenings

I do try.  Many days I fail.  Some days I do ok.  Other times I excel.

25. fewer resolutions!



4 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Hi! You’ve made good progress with your resolutions; you made ws many there is no way to expect to do them all and perfectly at that. Funny you should mention the green tea as I am just sitting here with my first cup in ages – ginger and peach, a combo I love in pie – and it still tastes like dirty socks to me.
    The budget plan- yeah, I think that has gone down the tubes for many of us.
    Your husband gives you yarn?! Could you have him talk to my husband?
    Growing plants, and eating what you grow, is good for soul and body. My mouth is watering at the thought of a fresh picked tomato; we are months away from that delight.
    Keep well and happy and please keep blogging !

  2. damn! so many resoputions! good for you!
    This year I am sticking to 3, 9, 10, 11and 21!
    BTW, don’t drink so much water! Really! I know what everybody have been saying, but trust my inner knowledge!

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