Send cheesecake

If you are reading this, please send cheesecake…

Things have gotten really screwy these past few months… here’s the tip of the iceberg:

1. we “adopted” a rescue dog — I use quotes because it’s not a real adoption, we are her permanent family but we don’t own her outright.  She came to us underweight and sick.  She is also afraid of loud sounds (like thunder and 5-year olds).

2. our air conditioner broke down sufficiently that we had to replace it — did you know that ac’s are very, very expensive? (I’m a naive homeowner).  Picking someone to put a new one in was difficult… wading through their sales stuff, evaluating them as a company, etc.  I live in muggy, hot Florida… there is no way I can live without ac.

3. our car has 3 expensive repairs that need to be made (and aren’t they all expensive?)

4. one of my cats has kidney problems

5. the other cat has become so allergic to fleas he lost most of his fur and has sores (ick).  He moved out for several days the last time I tried to treat him, I hope he doesn’t repeat that when I treat him again this weekend.

6. the siding on our house was rotting something awful.  We tried to hire someone in December but he disappeared.  We tried to repair it ourselves but after 4 brutal weekends, I begged for mercy.  Hiring a contractor to do the job has been an awful experience too. It isn’t over, but I wish it was.  I also have to caulk and paint the new siding (because we already spent all our money!).

7. my mother just had a mastectomy for breast cancer.  I can’t put into words how this news has affected me. Just know that I am very sad.

I have so many things conflicting with each other right now, I can barely focus on doing what I can do (does that make any sense?). My mom overshadows all the other things but those things are still happening, you know what I mean?

I don’t want to leave you thinking that are entirely bleak:

I planted a garden this year for the first time in ages… it grew beautifully.  The garden is winding down now that it is getting too hot and humid but I will keep doing it now that I’ve started again.  Gardening really does my soul good.

My son grows beautifully too.  I had my son late in life, and I can’t describe the incredible energy I get from watching him develop into his own person (even if that person is occasionally contrary). Motherhood really does my soul wonders.

I’m still knitting.  At some point, I’ll take pics of all the projects I can find and post them.  I’ll also do Sandra’s meme.  Knitting and other crafts (especially sewing) also have a place taking care of my soul.

Keep crafting.  I’ll be back.


6 thoughts on “Send cheesecake

  1. Aw, Cathy, you are going through a lot of tough things at once. I know that you mom’s illness is the most difficult to deal with. I hope that whatever treaments she goes through following the surgery are fully successful and that she will feel strong and healthy.
    You are so right that tending your garden, your crafting, and your child are wonderful for the soul.
    Sending cheesecake thoughts your way.

  2. I’m showing up at your house at 4:45 today with a slice of cheesecake, and I’m kidnapping you to Hanks. Consider this your notice.

  3. Sending some cheesecake through the waves fo the internet and together goes my best wishes for youto stay strong and go through all that are blocking you way right now. Things will get better! 😀

  4. You have a lot going on! Seems you do a good job of putting things into perspective. I ate cheesecake last night for the first time in years, I’ll toast you retroactively 😉

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