The tote bag made me do it

I’m sneaking in… thank you all so much for your well wishes.  The cheesecake, both virtual and real, was fantastic.

I made a tote!   An old client requested it, and I didn’t want to disappoint her.  I already had the machine out for another project so I made the tote.  Here it is:

From September08

And the inside:

From September08

I’ve done some other projects too. If I can track down the pics (or take new ones), I will post them.


2 thoughts on “The tote bag made me do it

  1. That is super pretty. I love the lining.

    Another blogger I read just started making these little wrist totes. I thought of you when I first saw them — they look like they’d coordinate well with your totes. Her favorite color is green, and her favorite “thing” is dragonflies. I wonder if you have enough leftover fabric for her to make a wristlet? Hmmm.

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