And this 4

BC started kindergarten 4 weeks ago… he has brought home 3 viruses (there is some dispute where the second one originated but let’s say it was school).  I think he has missed more days than he has attended.  This last virus is rough… I think it’s the flu.  He gave it to me.  All crafting (and housework) has come to a grinding halt. I’m actually nodding off right now…

Before my head hits the keyboard, I’ll show you a little bit more of what I did while I wasn’t posting:

My living room before:

From September08

My living room after:

From September08

Not quite done but the color change was huge. I liked the golden color with my last couch… this newer couch looks much better with the robin’s egg blue (and have you noticed that everyone’s version of robin’s egg blue is different? … No? … Ok, don’t mind me and my fever riddled brain… just rambling… must find tissues!-).


3 thoughts on “And this 4

  1. The difference really IS huge! Looks, good! I hope you guys are feeling better. It really is the time of year (or maybe it’s just the school year) when people start getting sick. Hope you’re feeling better! I just took the kids to get their flu shots this week.

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