It’s been a long time

Wow! A year and a half.

That’s a long time to let a blog go static.

I’m happy to say that knitting and sewing has not been static. Ok, the sewing has been a bit sluggish but I did manage to make one tote bag, and I’m almost done with the quilt I started eons ago. All I have to do it blind stitch the binding on, and it’s done. Maybe I will do that before the project reaches its 5th year.

I have knit lots of stuff too since I’ve been trying to reduce my stash. I love yarn but I don’t love storing it. I finished the socks too… just last month in fact. Last year, I knit several small throws. Pictures soon… maybe… my reliability factor is way down. Also, it has been really hot this year so yarn is not on my near and dear list. I might even throw in a picture of orange dudu since it came back to me after several years of wandering the globe (a very tiny portion of the globe).

I’ve looked over my blog’s stats and I’m amazed by how many people find it looking for Dinosaur Party ideas. Sheez! Now I wish I had blogged more about the preps for that party. And the 4-year old is an 8-year old… how did that happen?! I came out of limbo at some point last fall and whacked our jungle-ized (I made that word up just for this post) backyard. Then I invited a bunch of people and their parents over for Boy Wonder’s party. Actually, we had 3 parties for him in one weekend. It would have been 4 but Boy was completely pooped by Sunday, and couldn’t make it to his dinner-at-a-restaurant-celebration with the grandparents. We had fun but I’m afraid we set the wrong precedent for future celebrations. Boy has already started planning for his next weekend of chaos. Can we please go to Disney this year? It would be easier, and cheaper!

Hubby and I also put another wood floor down this year. I tried to do it myself again but I needed help this time. It’s awesome but it’s in my son’s room… I kick him out so I can do yoga on my beautiful floor. No, I don’t really kick him out… he let’s me use his room. I’m sure that won’t continue past a certain age but for now he’s very generous.

Current pet population: 2 cats, 2 dogs, 0 birds.


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