Red Sampler Throw

After I finished the blue sampler, I immediately cast on a bunch of reds and golds for another throw.

Red is so hard to photograph, especially in my dark bedroom.

Once again, I use the Treasury for patterns. The sampler includes wool, silk, cotton, and some fun fur. Stash busting at its finest.


Blue sampler throw

Last year, I discovered that I was in danger of being smothered by my yarn stash. What’s a crafty person to do when supplies are overabundant? Get crafting, of course. I organized my stash into color schemes: blues, reds, and naturals. The blue sampler throw was the first project I tackled. I just cast on and started knitting….

Miles and miles of stitches… enough to fit across my king-size bed.

Eventually, I became bored with stockinette, garter, and moss patterns so I opened up Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns to break up the monotony.

I was happy with the results. The only issue I had with this throw was running out of blue stash yarn before I got halfway up my bed but it is still snuggly on cold nights.

It’s been a long time

Wow! A year and a half.

That’s a long time to let a blog go static.

I’m happy to say that knitting and sewing has not been static. Ok, the sewing has been a bit sluggish but I did manage to make one tote bag, and I’m almost done with the quilt I started eons ago. All I have to do it blind stitch the binding on, and it’s done. Maybe I will do that before the project reaches its 5th year.

I have knit lots of stuff too since I’ve been trying to reduce my stash. I love yarn but I don’t love storing it. I finished the socks too… just last month in fact. Last year, I knit several small throws. Pictures soon… maybe… my reliability factor is way down. Also, it has been really hot this year so yarn is not on my near and dear list. I might even throw in a picture of orange dudu since it came back to me after several years of wandering the globe (a very tiny portion of the globe).

I’ve looked over my blog’s stats and I’m amazed by how many people find it looking for Dinosaur Party ideas. Sheez! Now I wish I had blogged more about the preps for that party. And the 4-year old is an 8-year old… how did that happen?! I came out of limbo at some point last fall and whacked our jungle-ized (I made that word up just for this post) backyard. Then I invited a bunch of people and their parents over for Boy Wonder’s party. Actually, we had 3 parties for him in one weekend. It would have been 4 but Boy was completely pooped by Sunday, and couldn’t make it to his dinner-at-a-restaurant-celebration with the grandparents. We had fun but I’m afraid we set the wrong precedent for future celebrations. Boy has already started planning for his next weekend of chaos. Can we please go to Disney this year? It would be easier, and cheaper!

Hubby and I also put another wood floor down this year. I tried to do it myself again but I needed help this time. It’s awesome but it’s in my son’s room… I kick him out so I can do yoga on my beautiful floor. No, I don’t really kick him out… he let’s me use his room. I’m sure that won’t continue past a certain age but for now he’s very generous.

Current pet population: 2 cats, 2 dogs, 0 birds.

I never finished the socks from my last post. Shortly after my last post, my mother informed me that her cancer had returned. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and finished treatments early last summer. Her doctor told her she still had cancer in the fall sometime. Her last two months were hell. She spent most of that time in the hospital for various reasons, then finally she moved to a hospice house where she died 2 days later.
We didn’t have the best mother/daughter relationship but at the end of the day, she was my mother. I loved her very much and I feel liked she was ripped out of my life, and my siblings’ lives, much too soon. I hope she found the peace she needed.

I am back

I am coming back. I missed blogging… I have many excuses for disappearing. The excuses are personal and I really wanted to share it with you all but I wasn’t sure anyone wanted to read my angst since this is supposedly a craft blog. So I didn’t post. I didn’t do much crafting last year either, and I missed that too. But I’ve been warming up my knitting needles and my sewing machine. I am knitting socks and have a tote bag ready to be finished. Both the socks and the bag have to be done for Christmas, which is NEXT WEEK! NEXT WEEK, people, and I am not ready.

About those socks, I have a question for knitters (and anyone else with an opinion). How well do you have to know someone to give them hand knit socks for Christmas? Is it too intimate for an acquaintance? I wouldn’t give them to someone that doesn’t understand the time I’ve put in them, but is it ok to give them to someone you see regularly but don’t actually know well? Say, a teacher? or a pastor? or someone of that nature? I’m not sure of the gift giving etiquette here. What about a female versus a male acquaintance? Does it make any difference or am I over thinking the nature of gifts? Christmas is NEXT WEEK!!! (will I even have socks to give?!!)

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, my crafty ghouls!

From October08

I used templates for the Halloween garland from The Toymaker.

From October08

Orange fish?

From October08

Not fish. Someone is peeking out.

From October08

Many are peeking out.

From October08

Wide awake.

From October08

This is the nightmare that woke them.

I wanted to take one more picture of the eyes but my boy wouldn’t have it. The eyes are reverse appliqued onto a t-shirt. I shamelessly copied it from The Creative Kismet. I only have one– no! –two warnings: they are creepier in person, and don’t be surprised if your sensitive-skinned child rips it off faster than you can say seam ripper. Make a tee for yourself instead!