Current projects

I have had this pretty rose fabric for a while now.

[This photo doesn’t really show the colors very well. The rose fabric is pretty close but is prettier in person.  The solid fabric is a light yellow that coordinates with the background yellow of the rose fabric.]
I was looking for the “perfect” project for the rose fabric. It sat in the closet for a long time. I realized that there is no “perfect” project, and that any project was better than no project. I broke out my beginner quilting book and picked out a pattern.

There was one critical criteria for the pattern… I only had 1 yard of the rose fabric. I could have cut it up and used it in a scrap quilt but I really wanted to have something that showcased this fabric. I found a pattern, bought some coordinating fabric, and started chopping and sewing.

I didn’t get too far along before my back started screaming. I don’t have a very good set up for sewing. I sit at the dining room table on a dining room chair. The ergonomics are excruciating.

I tried adjusting the sewing machine height with yoga blocks.

It was better but my back still hurt.

After much research, I ended up putting the sewing machine back on the table. I put the yoga blocks under my feet and a lumber pillow behind me. Raising my feet and supporting my back was a 80% improvement. I think the final 20% will require tilting the sewing machine somehow and using an office chair. Also, better lighting would be lovely.

And, just in case you think I’ve forgotten how to knit, I started working on this:

I don’t know what “this” is going to end up being. Does anyone else ever knit for the sake of knitting? No pattern just knitting? I do have some ideas for it but it is definitely a “I love to knit for the sake of knitting” project.


2 thoughts on “Current projects

  1. Now that your ergonomics are taken care of, you’ve got us all wondering just what you are making with the pretty rose fabric.
    I’ve made an Aran vest with that same color Galway. I really love Galway yarn, and have another top made with it in a piney green.

  2. Okay, this may not be helpful at all, but my back felt better when I switched to pressing the pedal with my left foot rather than my right. I also don’t lean back in my chair – I look like a robot, I’m sure, but we gotta take care of our backs!

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