I never finished the socks from my last post. Shortly after my last post, my mother informed me that her cancer had returned. She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and finished treatments early last summer. Her doctor told her she still had cancer in the fall sometime. Her last two months were hell. She spent most of that time in the hospital for various reasons, then finally she moved to a hospice house where she died 2 days later.
We didn’t have the best mother/daughter relationship but at the end of the day, she was my mother. I loved her very much and I feel liked she was ripped out of my life, and my siblings’ lives, much too soon. I hope she found the peace she needed.


I am back

I am coming back. I missed blogging… I have many excuses for disappearing. The excuses are personal and I really wanted to share it with you all but I wasn’t sure anyone wanted to read my angst since this is supposedly a craft blog. So I didn’t post. I didn’t do much crafting last year either, and I missed that too. But I’ve been warming up my knitting needles and my sewing machine. I am knitting socks and have a tote bag ready to be finished. Both the socks and the bag have to be done for Christmas, which is NEXT WEEK! NEXT WEEK, people, and I am not ready.

About those socks, I have a question for knitters (and anyone else with an opinion). How well do you have to know someone to give them hand knit socks for Christmas? Is it too intimate for an acquaintance? I wouldn’t give them to someone that doesn’t understand the time I’ve put in them, but is it ok to give them to someone you see regularly but don’t actually know well? Say, a teacher? or a pastor? or someone of that nature? I’m not sure of the gift giving etiquette here. What about a female versus a male acquaintance? Does it make any difference or am I over thinking the nature of gifts? Christmas is NEXT WEEK!!! (will I even have socks to give?!!)

Banff and Clutter … revisited

I finished the reconstruction of Banff. I added 3 inches of stockinette then reknit the 2×2 rib bottom. It fits! And it is so comfy and warm. I have been wearing since the cold blast of arctic weather arrived this week.

If you look at the middle of the reconstructed sweater (on the right), there is a horizontal line where I started the reknit. The line was not created by as a result of reconstruction. It was created by accidentally using US3’s instead of the larger size required.

I used the smaller circs to pick up the stitches before cutting, and then forgot to replace them with larger needles. If I wasn’t lazy, I would have unknit back to those stitches and started again. But I am lazy. And the lazy in me has decided that the stitches will loosen themselves up over time without my help. This yarn is so limp, it might work.

Pattern: Banff
Yarn: Noro Cotton Iroha (70% cotton, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon). Probably discontinued.  I have 5 skeins left in my stash.

Next up, a scarf:

The lace is a simple, 2-sided pattern: yo, k2tog, repeat.

I think the yarn in my stash is multiplying on its own. I keep knitting using this Sirdar yarn but the pile never seems to get smaller. I used all but one skein of navy to make this scarf.

Pattern: Openwork Scarf from Vogue Knitting Scarves Two (a big thanks goes to Kristen at AudioKnits for this book!)
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly Aran (55% nylon, 45% acrylic)

And my clutter revisited. You all had great suggestions on how to handle clutter.  Thank you so much for your ideas.

I may have mislead you though… I do have storage. I have very little organization but I have storage. Like the smalled plastic drawers on wheels that Lisa, the Domestic Diva, suggested. I have other types of plastic drawers as well. By the way, if you need help reorganizing your craft space, definitely visit Lisa!

I also have shelves on the wall next to my sewing machine. Ribbons and fabric scraps are in ziploc bags. Larger pieces of fabric are folded and stacked (oh so carefully too). The green pillow on the bottom says something about cats at work, but the dog sleeps there.

I have more shelves behind me and across the room. The wire shelves hold my son’s toys (smaller toys are contained in baskets).

I still need to reorganize all these shelves.  I can never find what I need.

Currently, I have decided to keep the bag parts on a big board that I can pick up without disturbing the fabric. When I want to sew, I can move it temporarily.  After I put use this stash, I won’t be cutting out multiple bags parts again… only what I need for one bag at a time.

Paying it forward…

I was doing my usual summertime blog hopping (I hear it’s called blopping) yesterday and came across Daily Stitche‘s Pay It Forward offer.  I hesitated joining because I get so tired but a year is plenty of time to fulfill an obligation!

Here’s the deal:  I want to pay it forward and thank my community of bloggers with a handmade item.  I have a year to make and send these items.   I’m not closing the offer until next Wednesday (July 25th), and I’m not limiting it to 3 people.  Your only obligation is to pay it forward again to 3 more people.  All you have to do is leave a comment and make the commitment on your blog.

Come on and join in.

Scout Walker Cozy

scarf and scout walker

BC wanted to show you how his Lego StarWars Scout Walker shoots.

I wanted to show you my mohair scarf.

The pattern is Cat’s Eye from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, Barbara Walker.  It is a 4-row pattern for multiples of 4 stitches.

Also, I made the ends of the scarf slightly frilly.  I cast on 3 times the number of stitches in the scarf.  On the first row, I knit two together all the way across.  Then the next row, I knit one, then knit two together, repeating this two stitches all the way across.  The next row starts the main scarf body.

I love how soft and light mohair is but I won’t let it touch my neck or face.  This scarf will only be used under collars or over turtlenecks.  It is beautiful but oh so itchy!

Air Show


I couldn’t go to the Air Show with BC and MC this weekend.

BC took pictures of things he found interesting to share with me including this one.

MC took pictures to share with me too… they were all of BC.

BC hot on the pavement, BC eating ice cream, BC pissed because he dropped the ice cream… it was just like being there!