I am back

I am coming back. I missed blogging… I have many excuses for disappearing. The excuses are personal and I really wanted to share it with you all but I wasn’t sure anyone wanted to read my angst since this is supposedly a craft blog. So I didn’t post. I didn’t do much crafting last year either, and I missed that too. But I’ve been warming up my knitting needles and my sewing machine. I am knitting socks and have a tote bag ready to be finished. Both the socks and the bag have to be done for Christmas, which is NEXT WEEK! NEXT WEEK, people, and I am not ready.

About those socks, I have a question for knitters (and anyone else with an opinion). How well do you have to know someone to give them hand knit socks for Christmas? Is it too intimate for an acquaintance? I wouldn’t give them to someone that doesn’t understand the time I’ve put in them, but is it ok to give them to someone you see regularly but don’t actually know well? Say, a teacher? or a pastor? or someone of that nature? I’m not sure of the gift giving etiquette here. What about a female versus a male acquaintance? Does it make any difference or am I over thinking the nature of gifts? Christmas is NEXT WEEK!!! (will I even have socks to give?!!)