No bags today

flower fabric

Another bag, waiting to be created.

I have come to the conclusion that I cannot multi-task.

Research indicates that nobody actually does anything at the same time but we all sure do give it a good try. And some people can juggle tasks like nobody’s business… not me though. Bad things happen when I try.

I was trying to eat an apple and read a blog at the same time. I bit my lip.

I gave up gum in favor of walking.

I cannot knit and watch tv at the same time. I try but I always end up looking at the knitting instead of the tv. Or I have to rip out to the latest mistake. When my favorite programs come on, I lay my work aside. Detectives Eames and Goren deserve my full attention.

I know you aren’t going to believe me *wink* but I have yet another project on the needles. It’s a strip of stockinette at this point, I didn’t take a picture. At the end of the project, I hope to have a tank top that I can wear. And not rip out. Heh.  I saw a picture of an actress (who knows who, I was flipping through IMDB randomly) wearing a sweater I really liked. I’m going to try to replicate the details in this knit.  And when I wear it, I will pretend I’m a beautiful, size 0 actress lounging on the beach with my lover.

Back to reality:  I got news today that the potato-head, derriere-faced, goiter-girl doll is a hit. The little girl I gave her too has been very busy undressing and redressing her. Yay! And she named her Annika. So cute!  And now we don’t have to call her “the potato-head, derriere-faced, goiter-girl doll” anymore.  (Okay, just once or twice more because you all made me laugh out loud.)